First week facing the scales

Facing the scales can be hard…

My aim is to lose 5 stone in the next 12 months and I hope to blog this journey. I will post the good, bad and ugly so I can reflect back. Losing weight is never going to be easy otherwise we’d all be our ideal weight. 

Here is my starting pictures:


Tonight when I sit down at my laptop to write, I’m gifted with the opportunity to help one person somewhere even if that is to let them know they aren’t alone. Writing has given me a place to face the emotional side of weight loss.
I have struggled with weight loss my whole life. I don’t care to think about the number of times I lost stones only to regain it again and again. This time its different…

My first week has been a challenge!

The week started out tough – the cravings were mad for the first day or two, as I was taking the approach of cutting it out completely as I didn’t trust “just one biscuit”.
I swapped my food shopping usual’s for lots of fruits, veggies and lean protein. Note to be taken never go shopping when your hungry – its a BIG NO NO. Something I learnt this week. When your hungry there is no way of trying to fight with yourself about not reaching for the bad foods such as walking into the shop and having to walk past a stand of doughnuts yikes. I was good and resisted.
I had annual leave this week which gave me the opportunity of trying new foods and getting back into cooking (Something I haven’t done in awhile) meals from scratch using healthier options. I even made a homemade Nandos which was just like the real thing.
I even went to the gym this week which took the the boredom eating cycle and being good exercise, it’s also increased my mood. However I have had to put my gym on hold at the moment due to a complication with my gallbladder surgery from November. This itself is another story and another blog later.
The hardest parts have been trying to figure out what I should or shouldn’t have when out of the house especially when its outside your control. I definitely need to prepare more snacks for on the go. I’ve currently got a bowl of chopped strawberries & frozen berries in the fridge to pop into a little tub for on the go.
My biggest fail this week was going to my nans. She phoned me up advising she bought stuff for me to come round for my tea for roast dinner- how could I resist?
I did advise my nan on the phonecall about my new healthy changes and she said yes she would make sure my plate was full of veg & lean meats. However, she forgot to mention the gravy, the yorkshire puddings, the stuffing and oh the sausages. I felt I couldn’t say no and I eat it all anyways. Yes I know what your thinking, but when it is in front of you its hard to say no. I need to learn how to say NO.

Cake time yikes

She then later after dinner and conversation brought out the left over Christmas cake. If you hadn’t guess already my nan is a feeder & I always fall into her trap. I had the cake aswell, oh dear…
After that meal, I fell off track for the remaining of the weekend especially given I have been feeling poorly although that’s no excuse. Once you fall off track it can be quite difficult trying to get back on.
It’s odd how we all allow things to push us off track ie illness, celebration, sad news, the whether and how we use it as that excuse to come off plan. In fact if there is nothing, we will find something to use as an excuse. We all do it, myself included.

We all have that bad day but that wont have an impact unless we let it.

I have fell off track more times than I can count and I am no further forward. One bad meal, One bad day is easily fixed but what isn’t is reverting back to old habits and routine. Changing your lifestyle and healthy eating isnt going to happen overnight. We are going to be faced with many challenges and the only thing we can do is draw a line then move forward. Don’t dwell.

After the weekend it didn’t make me feel confident going in for weigh in and Image Therapy at Slimming World. I was nervous of gaining in my first week.

I decided to draw a line whatever the results and move forward. There is only me stopping me from achieving my goal and only way to do so is to face the scales. I stepped on the scales and I was shocked when she said I’d lost 4lbs! Absolutely thrilled, but shocked and lost for words. I will take the loss and I’m ready to start another week.
I’m now reinvigorated for the week ahead and am seeing the rewards of avoiding the sweets and the cheese – yes cheese my biggest weakness – whats yours? It’s not all doom and gloom on this – I’m eating lots, and eating things I like to eat, just making much healthier choices and it’s paying off.

So, there’s week one down. Wish me luck from here on!

Whats your biggest weakness? Have you started your weight-loss? If so, how is it going? Leave your stories in the comments below.

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