Ah, the flu! Being ill has impacted my week…

Ah, the flu and its February! And I’m falling off plan…

Can you believe that it is the beginning of February already?

I certainly can’t! Somehow time slips by without me noticing, I blink and another month is gone. January seemed to have flown by…

This month has been a bit of a weight loss roller coaster. My first week was amazing with a 4lb loss.

This week I’ve been all over the place.  I’m just getting over having a horrible bronchitis and viral infection. And no before you sceptically roll your eyes this wasn’t just a cold…

I would like to tell you that regardless of being poorly, I stuck to plan and lost lots of weight… Unfortunately this would be a shameless lie! 

Its time of the year where everyone I know seems to be ill with some bug or another.

I guess it something we cant hide from. I woke up last Monday with a sore throat and feeling like I’d been hit by a car. It was awful. This got worse as the week went on spreading to my chest. I resorted to living in my bed with plenty of medication and chocolate – oh I know, chocolate yes that’s right. It seems chocolate was the only thing I fancied eating after losing my appetite. I likely have put on my loss from last week. 

Life will always through challenges at us, and its really hard to stay on plan especially when we arent feeling great in ourselves. We are only human. It was just one of them weeks I really had no control over. 

My weight this week?

I haven’t had the chance to get weight, and I have decided that I am going to join a local slimming world class this upcoming week. 

I struggle to do it from home as I don’t have scales so I use local supermarket but these are never accurate and this will hinder my motivation. By attending a local class I will be surrounded with people whom are in similar situations as myself. People who I can relate and share my story with. Know I have to get weighed or I will end up wasting money. I think this will help me.

I am finally recovering and feeling more positive about my weight loss journey. I hope in the upcoming weeks to work on my blog more including sharing recipes, my workouts as well as my Vlogs and of course, my weight loss journey.

How have your weight loss efforts progressed? Have you been steadily improving or falling off the wagon? 

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  1. I think joining a group is a great next step I would be lost without my group and I also have a morbid fear of someone telling me I have gained weight so it really worked for me. Hope you are feeling better soon xx

    1. I’m going to see how I go at weighing at home as bought some scales. Moment it doesn’t work then rejoining a class nearby. Trouble I have is finding that right class. I’ve joined and rejoined the same class, and I feel I’ve been judged because of it. How are you getting on?

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