Body Worlds Animals Inside Out comes to the North East

We decided to spent out new years eve day taking a road-trip to Newcastle to visit the Life Science Center to experience the Body Worlds Animals Inside exhibition and were hoping it was just as good as the previous one. A lot of people believe that it would be distressing and a bit gruesome but you shouldn’t. I would be wary of letting smaller children in but the older children will love it. Only you would be able to decide around your children but always check prior regarding ages usually this can be found on the website.



Gunther Von Hagens Body Worlds Animals Inside Out exhibition has been at the Life Science Center for a few months and will run until the 3rd Jan 2017. I have been waiting to go ever since we went to the Body Works Vital – The exhibition of real Human Bodies last year.

Both exhibition feature over 100 real both human and animal specimens which have been preserved by a process called plastination. Both exhibitions give you a glimpse under the skin allowing you to see their anatomy.
We were amazing how fascinating both exhibitions were and the fact you can see see the internal organs, bones, nerves and vessels for both human and animals. The idea of the exhibition is to give you a deeper understanding and educate around how intricate both are. It was noted that a lot of work has gone in by Gunther Von Hagens to preserve ever element.


When we entered the exhibition we were greeted by a dog.

At this moment I was mesmerized to see the beauty and essence of this everyday animal. We were able to see how this animal moved as well as the structure. I really at this moment began to see animals in a different light and was excited to carry on walking around.

Instantly I noticed the larger animals from horse to gorilla to even a cow and a elephant. These were not hard to miss! The elephant was my favorite and it was only till this moment I began to understand the amount of effort that had went into this exhibition. The elephant took two and a half years alone to preserve- yes two and half years! Every little detail was thought of including showing the structures of the movement, the muscles and even the blood vessels.

We weren’t let down! This exhibition was great! We loved every moment.

The Body Worlds Animals Inside Out was just as fascination as the real Human Bodies exhibition we seen the year prior. It is amazing to see and learn about the health, anatomy and physiology by viewing real animals. I would recommend that you visit if you get the chance to both exhibitions


A ticket for the Center for Life is £14 for a per adult. Prices may differ so always check on their website. It is well worth a visit as there is so much to do…

What else is at the Center for Life?

When you enter the center you will be given a itinerary of what is on and what time. This will help you plan your trip ensuring that you get everything in. We would recommend for the exhibition that an hour is put aside for this – definitely not something you want to rush.

While we were at the center we found plenty more things to do including going on a 4D Ice Age Motion Ride, the Planetarium and seeing a live show in the theater. On top of this we found that there is plenty for children including Experiment, Brain Young Explorers and Curiosity Zone areas. My favorite was the planetarium which showed journeys through space and the solar system as well as educated us about Comets. I was amazed about how many planets and stars surround us.

On top of things to do, there is vary of places to eat. Inside you will find two cafes which serve plenty including hot and cold meals, great selection of cakes, sandwiches and salads. They have even put on a meal deal for the kids – which I couldn’t resist in getting just for the babybel.

The staff are very friendly and always on hand to offer assistance including giving you educated talks. We got lost at one point inside (as its so big) and couldn’t find the planetarium in which someone came to our rescue and guided us.

Overall, we would highly recommend Center of life for both adults and children. We will be back soon and give the place a 5/5 stars.


After the Life Science Center

No trip to Newcastle would be right without a walk along the Angel of the North. The Angel of the North is a contemporary steel sculpture, designed by Antony Gormley.


It can be seen from miles away with it being 20 metres tall, with wings measuring 54 meters across. I have always wanted to stand next to this sculpture with being from the North East in England but never had the chance till now. It was a lovely little walk before heading home to celebrate the new year…


Disclaimer: All pictures taken in Life Science Center were authorized prior. Please always check online and with staff before taking images. Video is not permitted. 


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