Lake Garda & Venice

We had a sensational seven day holiday featuring four nights by the shores of beautiful Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery with National Holidays. We went in October – delay for blog as moved domains.

We decided to travel by coach with National Holidays. 

We have used National Holidays on a number occasions in the past from Legoland in London, Cadburys world to France. We decided the cheapest option would be to travel by coach and on doing so we’d see places we wouldn’t if we were to fly by plane.

We drove from traveled in which caught ferry to France in which we stayed over night, we then drove through Switzerland ending up at Lake Garda. It was a long trip but the people as well as driver provided the entertainment and you soon forgot you were on a coach.

Switzerland was amazing and a place that pictures do not do justice.

We wished we had longer in Switzerland but the trip was Lake Garda and Venice not a Switzerland trip – therefore seeing and exploring was just an added bonus during a break stop. We have added this to must visit and explore places within near future.

We had always wanted to visit Italy –home of all things Italiano, such as romance, pizza, gelato, leather, murano glass, and lots of vino!I was told to get the flavor of Italy, it is good to visit more than one city but Venice is at the top of the must visit places.

We stayed the majority of our trip in Lake garda at Hotel Caribe which was at the choice of National holidays. The trip included all inclusive meals and drinks. 

The hotel is set in a semi-circular building across the street from Lake Garda, this relaxed hotel is 26 km from Movieland Studios theme park and 13 km from Golf Cà degli Ulivi. The rooms feature free Wi-Fi as well as satellite TV with balconies looking across the lake. The hotel has access to a nearby private beach which is accessible via an underpass.

We would rate the overall hotel as a 4 out of 5 stars. We would defiantly stay here again but with national holidays you can’t always guarantee the same accommodation. 

We were fortunate to visit Town Garda and it was an excellent base to explore Lake Garda and the surrounding area. We were able to capture the real beauty of Italy as well as experience the Italian culture.

Garda Town is in a wide horseshoe bay and all around the bay there is a long prom lined with cafes, shops and restaurants – just pick one and sample it.

The ice cream is to die for as it is most Italian resorts but Icecream in Garda was on another level. Massive heaps of different flavored iceream with you could get drizzled over freshly cut strawberries and topped with whipped cream (so delicious!). There was so many options to pick from.

We then visited Verona for a day excursion. Verona is a city in northern Italy’s Veneto region, with a medieval old town built between the meandering Adige River. It’s famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

We had time to visit the The Verona Arena which is a Roman amphitheater. It was amazing. When we arrived inside there was people dressed up singing. We would defiantly visit again. We spoke English and the locals spoke Italian but would do everything they could to assist if required including trying to work out entry costs.

Another day was spent in Malcesine where we took a boat trip along Lake Garda.

The place picturesque tourist resort and we were happy to get Ice cream and just admire the beauty that surrounded us. There is plenty of shops and plenty of opportunity to sample limoncello which is a Italian Lemon Liqueur – I ended up buying a bottle or two to bring back home.

The final place to visit was VENICE.

VENICE. Oh Venice! With its intricate transport system of interconnected canals, it is the perfect setting for one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The bus took us outside the city in which we then hopped on a water taxi each way. The only way to access Venice is by water taxi. I would suggest to do our research as its easy to incur additional charges for parking. 
Here, in Venice, we noticed the retail shops had quite expensive merchandise, there were some really beautiful stuff displayed in the windows! Super pricey! A handbag at 20,000€ for example. We were warned prior to be-careful of where we eat as well as grabbed a coffee as one previous tourist had been charged over €50 for a cup of coffee and cake – yikes!

At this point we had made friends with a couple from Preston, UK whom joined us on our adventure around Venice. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Venice it started to rain. When I say rain, I mean rain. Everywhere flooded within minutes and wooden platforms were places everywhere for people to walk. We ended up buying some protection shoe wellies but this didn’t stop us enjoying Venice – It actually added to the fun.
We saw the famous skew towers and Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). It´s filled with centuries of history. St. Mark’s church is at one end, the Campanile bell tower in the middle, and colonnaded famous cafes on three sides. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Venice.

We decided to grab some lunch and what better think to eat than Pizza.

Just look at it! I absolutely loved the sour dough pizza bases they use for their pizzas in Italy (well the ones we had in Italy). It makes a huge difference in the taste of the pizza! Nothing like what you get in the UK. I’d happily travel back to Venice alone just for the food. It was just to die for.

We then traveled back to the UK getting a ferry in France across to dover. The trip was an amazing experience and was great to get away without having to worry about planning or getting to places as National Holidays took care of everything including food and drinks.

We couldn’t recommend National holidays enough and we can’t wait to go back and have even looked to explore cities like Rome and Milan.  If you have any recommendations get in touch here.  

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