Seaton beach in the winter….

I like the sea and the beach at winter.

In summer the beach is too over crowded don’t you think? Empty beaches during a cloudy and windy day have something magical, Don’t you think? I like to walk along an empty beach, listening to the waves, the seagulls and organise my thoughts.

This weekend called for a road-trip to Seaton Beach near Hartlepool.

We wrapped up warm with our scarfs, gloves and coats. I still manged to get a cold and currently dosed up on medicine covered in vapour rub Vic as I write this…

We had some fish and chips, No beach trip wouldn’t be complete without.

Although not great when trying to be healthy but I couldn’t resist. The fish was just mouth watering and perfect way to start the trip. We would normally have an Ice cream but it was too cold for that. 


After we had something to eat & our bellies were full, we went for adventure and walk along the beach. I was lost for words and amazed at that I found, hundreds of starfish which had been swept by the tides along the sand. I spent good hour finding and looking at all of them that had been washed up.

I am fascinated by little things and could have spent all day looking at them.

Even the crabs had made an appearance.

We saw a few crabs and stayed well away as didn’t want to get a nip or two. A couple of the poor crabs had been eaten by the seagulls…

The sand was covered with shells which brought me back to my childhood. In my younger days I would run along the beach with a bucket and spade picking up all the different shells. I would spend the day looking for shells, building sand castles and running along the waves – beach days were always the best. We would only ever go in the summer as the winter was often too cold.

After a walk along the beach we went up the sand dunes, to see the waves by the rocks. The waves were huge – never seen anything like it. The place was surrounded by photographers – I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures myself. Although for healthy & safety reasons we stayed well back I still managed to get splashed a few times which was fun.


We went home to a hot bath and settled down for the night watching movies which was perfect ending to a perfect day…

Have you been to the beach recently? Whats your favourite thing about the beach? Have you got any memories you’d like to share?

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  1. Sounds like a great day out.
    When I was a kid we’d spent all day digging holes in the sand and burying each other.

  2. Wow star fish, I’ve yet to see one. Did you hold one? I love the beach but prefer in the summer. Nothing better than ice cream and dipping your toes in the sea.

    1. I didn’t dare hold one which I regret. It was amazing just to walk across the beach and see them. Usually you’d have to go on holiday. Ice cream is one of my favorites, what’s your favorite flavor?

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