Going back to the gym after a break & surgery

Finally I went back to the gym, and got back on my weight loss journey!

Getting back to the gym after my gallbladder surgery was awesome. I was looking forward to returning back to my routine and feeling like myself again.

Of course, for many of us, getting back into working out can be a little scary. Am I ready to start exercising again? Am I pushing myself too hard? Am I not pushing myself hard enough?

Sometimes you have to take a break from training. The potential reasons for a long layoff from the the gym can be endless. Anything from sickness and injury to increased workload and having kids can cause you to skip way more than the odd leg day or cardio. 

What I realised this week is its not fun missing out on training and it is even less fun getting back into it. 

Not training for a few days or weeks is a lot different to being out of the gym for few months like I was Your body just isn’t the same after a long time away from the gym. Who else struggles to get back into things after a break? 

It was hard going back – I won’t lie. I felt weak and out of shape. I nearly gave up. I am surprised nobody had to call for an ambulance and I’m here writing this blog post. 

I know working on my fitness will help boost my weight loss over time. I won’t be able to run marathons but my fitness will improve over time. Its amazing when you’ve done a workout how good you feel – this has definitely boosted my motivation to stay on plan.




I found the following tips helped me upon my first week back at the gym:

  • Starting light

When you’re first post-op, your main focus should be on getting mobility back at a pace that works for your body. Every one is different, and going slow and steady is the best to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

  • Keep realistic goals

You’re not going to be able to pick up where you left off especially if your last work out was months ago. Set yourself small achievable goals. Don’t get discouraged – nothing happens over night!

  • Know my limits 

If something hurts or doesn’t feel right – STOP! Don’t push yourself too hard as you’ll cause injury.

  • Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more!

Always stretch before and after a workout. Most injuries come from not stretching and cooling down properly. If you aren’t sure how or what stretches to do then google for some examples, there is plenty on the internet.

Hopefully these tips will help you if you’ve just returned to the gym or looking to go back.  

On top of going back to the gym, I managed to plan and prepare all my meals. I have tired new foods as well as recipe ideas. I even tried broccoli cheesy garlic bread – the recipe is on my facebook page.

I bought some scales so that I can get weighed at home, oh and so I don’t have excuses not to face the numbers.

I have decided to do my journey at home and use the money I’d pay to go get weighed at slimming world etc into a small savings account. I will then use this money to buy myself a treat once I reach my first goal – my 5 stone award.

Some people will judge me for doing this and believe I wont stay on plan by doing this. However, this is far from the truth. It will push me even more. I want to lose weight so much that I’m prepared to do anything to get it.

If you havent seen my latest Youtube Vlog then here is the link. I have decided to start doing VLOGS along with my blog posts. Please subscribe to keep updated on my latest video uploads. 

How is everyone else getting on? Have you got any gym tips you’d like to share?



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  1. This is good advice for anyone. I find my biggest reason for quitting before I even started is because I go in way to hard with my workout like I can still do what I use to do. Then I am miserable for days because I am in so much pain and I’m like screw it lol! But I can’t screw it. So eventually I do it again just to be met with same results. I will for sure start trying to do light workouts instead of trying to rush my progress. Also need to look into stretching because I rarely do that.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I used to be the same and push myself past my limits because I thought I’d get me results faster but it does quite the opposite.

      Well done on looking to do light exercises, stretching is vital. I often used to bypass this but I’ve learnt it prevents injury the hard way…

  2. Is it me or do you find it harder to workout in the winter? I live in a tropical climate so the winter for is just 2 months of rain. As soon as spring hits I’m super motivated to go for walks, work out, all of it!

    1. Yes I do, it’s much harder when snow is here or rain. I find myself wanting to stay indoors and watch films instead. That’s my downfall is getting myself to the gym. Once I get myself through them doors then I’m fine.
      Where abouts are you? I’d love to live somewhere tropical ☺ The UK is always raining, we rarely see sunshine…

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