Thank you for your interest in working with Nattsjourney.

You can read all about my blog and how it got started in the About section in the main menu. I would love to work with your company and help with advertisement/promotion to my readers and followers. I am still a newbie blogger but I have a good number of readers and followers that you’ll be able to see from a few basic statistics gathered below.

What I offer
Reviews (destination, service, and product) | Press trips |  Sponsored posts | Sidebar advertising | Social media advertising

Site Demographics
Nattsjourney primary audiences come out of the United Kingdom (47%) and United States (38%) followed by Australia, Turkey, Canada and Ireland. Unsigned, Me readers are both male (27%) and female (73%), with a large median age of 18-54. The vast majority are interested in Lifestyle, Fitness, Health & Travel.
I have 22 posts published on which works out to 7 posts a month on average with regular interaction and views from Twitter, Facebook and other referrers.

Blog Numbers
Social Media Statistics:

  • Instagram: 1,129 +
  • Facebook Page: 1,212+
  • Twitter: 517
  • Youtube: 94 Subscribers
  • Bloglovin: 31

*** These were last checked in March 2017

I only started my website and social media platforms in January 2017 in which they are constantly growing.

Ready to work with me?
Email inquiries to – This email address is checked daily, so you can expect a quick response.