3 day mini cruise in Amsterdam – brothels, beer, bicycles and beyond

I recently returned from a 3day mini cruise in the buzzing city of Amsterdam.

As an Amsterdam virgin, I had no idea what to expect – especially with its wild reputation. Brothels, beer, bicycles and beyond…

Amsterdam is like a lighter, airier, waterier, smaller, friendlier version of New York. I am yet to visit New York – but I look forward to comparing the similarity in the near future.

Amsterdam nattsjourney
Amsterdam is full of canals and people riding bikes which mean much less traffic, less polution, less noise.

As soon as you step into Amsterdam, you’re hit with the iconic views of rows of brick townhouses, with huge windows, overlooking the canals.

I immediately fell in love with the architecture and my jaw didn’t stop hitting the floor for the whole trip.

We went on an hour Canal Tour – Canal cruises and boat tours are undoubtedly one of the most popular activities for tourists. We paid 10 euros by which the trip was organised by National Holidays which included a tour guide and captain. We had a few beers which were on offer while on the cruise, these were 2 euros a can- not bad price!

Heineken amsterdam
There are plenty of choices for varied cruises from ‘smoke-friendly’, pizza and even beer cruises. Its a brillant way to see the sights in a small period of time.

After the cruise ride we decided to visit the Sex Museum – There is no denying the omnipresence of sex in Amsterdam, however you may feel about it. The Museum is the dodgiest adventure imaginable and is a must do while visiting. The museum is full of memorabilia, artifacts, and images. Go in with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed…

We spent the remaining of day walking up and down the streets, taking in as much as possible, while chattering happily. Occasionally grabbing each other and saying “ohhh look at that one!” about an apartment with enormous windows!

You really would think we didn’t get out much, but we both find window size and ceiling height quite the conversation starter! 

We found ourselves in the middle of the red light district , and I must say.. It was something I will never forget.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is an area known so well for it’s entire dedication to prostitution, ‘coffeeshops’ and sexually eager men.

amsterdam erotic outlet
The real problem in the red light district is that prostitution has become the most popular tourist attraction of the entire city – Isn’t there so many other incredible things to admire? Il leave that for you to debate.

The one thing I was eager to visit but never got a chance too, was The Anne Frank House.

I would highly recommend pre-booking to avoid hour-plus waits and disappointment of not getting in. Someone on my trip got the chance to visit, they said it was both a fascinating and haunting experience .

nattsjourney Amsterdam
I had an amazing trip and birthday, Im keen to go back there to explore more of this incredibly beautiful and exciting place. There is so much to do and see, Id recommend a week…

National holidays
We went with the national holidays which included travel to and from Hull port, overnight accommodation for 2 nights as well as travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam – all for an bargain price!

If you have been, let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. If you think sex is omnipresent in Amsterdam you should check out the likes of Grantham, Horsham and Rothbury in England. They are fascinating locations to see, feel and experience Olde England.

  2. I think it’s amazing that you can travel, at this point I can’t but I will be in the future. Amsterdam is definitely on the list of places I want to see. I love that you added all of the beautiful pics, are these the only ones you took???

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I miss Amsterdam so much now having seen these, such a beautiful place! You have a lovely blog here, well done on all your hard work pretty lady! x


  4. What an awesome city getaway! I love amsterdam to but it was 13 years ago and I need to get back there now! The Anne Frank museum…well lets say I smoked a lot before going and came out crying like a baby.

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