10 tips to help when struggling with weightloss…

Struggling with losing weight?

I am! The struggle is real this week!

 I am at my heaviest weight right now and it isn’t great.  I’ve battled with my weight since childhood & always been overweight.

Many people have started the New Year with goals which may include getting fit, eating healthy and losing weight. Many struggle then give up. Unfortunately it can be easy to fall away from your best intentions particularly when these new habits have only recently been formed.


The one I have learnt over time is when I make a mistake, or slip up or fall down, I struggle to get to pick myself back up.

It shouldn’t be about how many times you fall but how quickly you get back up. Too often people throw in the towel because they feel they have blown it or itโ€™s too hard, they then give themselves permission to continue to over indulge thus making it more difficult! 

Its important to remember we are only human – nobody is perfect!

We all fall away from our best intentions whether that be eating the wrong foods, skipping the gym or even making excuses.

I need to commit to my own health . I need to stop being so hard on myself and spent the energy getting back on track.  I’m confident that with my eating back on track and the exercise I have planned, I will be able hit my goals.

I have made a note of tips to help myself and anyone else wanting to get back on track:

1. Set small achievable goals
2. Take each day at a time
3. Make small changes daily, don’t just suddenly change everything. Phase bad stuff out and good stuff in
4. Make this a lifestyle change, not just a diet
5. Plan your meals ahead of time
6. Set a time at the beginning of your day that you will do some exercise, even if it’s only 10 minutes and stick to that time
7. Drink lots of water
8. Remind yourself why you are doing this and tell yourself you CAN
9. Don’t have bad food in the house. Your less likely to eat it then
10. If you do make a mistake, shake it off and keep going

Lets do this! Let’s encourage each other & help each other on our journeys. Build each other up!

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  1. I totally feel ya with the struggle. My first month of my journey, I lost three pounds then promptly gained five and a half. It gets a lot easier once it becomes more of a habit though.

    You’re doing awesome! Keep up the good work and stick with it. Love your writing too.

  2. It happens ! I’ve just started this journey …. again ! But will get there! Ps I love your jumper so cute where can I get one x

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