Review: Canteen & Cocktails, Norton

canteen and cocktails

Canteen & Cocktails is cocktail, restaurant & party venue offering food and drinks for every occasion. They are an Authentic American Pit Barbecue Restaurant in which are based in Norton and Newcastle, North East England. 

It’s the perfect multi-purpose place to kick back and relax and enjoy good company whilst having food and sipping on a cocktail (or three). Its great place whether your having lunch with the girls, going for food with the family or feeling like a night-out.  It really can cater for any occasion and even offers Cocktail Masterclass’s as well as venue hire. 

I only live down the road and I can’t believe I’d left it till now to come check out the place. I can’t wait to go back already. If you haven’t been then Id highly recommend a trip to either C & C establishment. 

We decided to head to C & C over the August bank holiday weekend to try their Sunday Roast platter. We had heard nothing but good things so decided to come rate it ourselves.  Arriving at C &C , were greeted by a smile and given a table straight away. Straight away we opted for the cocktail menu.

canteen and

I choose the Passion-fruit and Mango daiquiri which came in a glass cocktail class looking like a slush puppy topped with passion-fruit. Later I opted for a classic Woo Woo cocktail – it was definitely worth the price.  They have a wide variety of cocktails, and you can find their drinks menu online. 

Once the drinks were flowing, we ordered our food. We decided to be greedy by ordering the Sharing Plate of Nachos for starters. This includes Nachos, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa & Cheese Sauce  and it had a suitable for vegetarians mark. It was delicious! We demolished the lot in one go although we soon regretted this upon eating our main meal but it was just too nice to leave. 

Nachos sharing platter

As we went on a Sunday, we had a look at the Sunday Lunch Menu and there is so much choice! They have Sunday platter meals, burgers and even Fish & Chips – Who said Sundays were boring? There is something for even the fussiest eaters. 

We decided to opt for the Sunday Dinner sharing platter in which our chosen meat was the ‘Grand Reserve Topside Beef’ (served pink).  Usually I am fussy when it comes to beef and I was little anxious about it being pink. However, It got both of our seal of approval. The meat was served along with Roasted Parsnips, Potatoes, Carrot, Mixed Greens, Cauliflower Cheese and Yorkshire Pudding. The gravy was heaven sent although we did try to obtain the C&C Secret Recipe Gravy but they wouldn’t part. 

Sunday roast platter


Overall we loved our trip to Canteen & Cocktails and already planning our next trip. It maybe our new local.  Be sure to check out your local Revolution, the perfect venue for any occasion! 

***C&C did not discounted part of our bill or any freebies. All opinions are my own. 







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  1. Omg I would just spend all my money on cocktails in that place! And I wouldnt even regret it even if I emptied my bank! They looks sooo good! I havent been drinking alcohol for three years so yes let me have some of that!

  2. I’ve just got back to the UK and on the flight over was thinking of all the British food I was going to eat 😀 Sunday roast was definitely on the list! I know you said you don’t like the beef too pink – but for me, that really is perfect!

  3. Wow, those cocktails look incredible! The food sounds pretty tasty, too, though I’m defintiely not a fan of pink meat and would probably pass on that. Those nachos, though, would definitely be in my belly! Too bad it’s so far away.

  4. I am so glad to hear you say that the cocktails are good value for money and I really love the look of that cauliflower cheese side. It looks like a scrumptious meal overall! x

  5. Everything looks yummy! I believe going to local restaurants and supporting them is very important! I read somewhere (paraphrasing) that if you go local you are not a faceless numbered customer, you buy a kid a book, or pay for piano lessons, you pay the gas bill or get the groceries for the week of the owner of that small business and you know what? That is very true!

  6. This place definitely looks like a great one to have some great time with friends and family. I love that sharing plate of nachos, looks so yummy. This post is making me hungry! 😀 😀

  7. Passion fruit – Mango cocktail simply looked tempting, would love to have it one day soon, since I haven’t tried passion fruit cocktails yet. Good review

  8. Drooling big time at your photos and drinks! I would be thrown a little off with the pinkish beef, but if it tastes delicious, then why not! I wish this place was closer to where I live. I’d be there everyday if it was!

  9. My husband and I love restaurants like Canteen & Cocktails! If we’re ever lucky enough to go, you can bet we’ll be ordering Fish & Chips (for him) and a big salad (for her) x

  10. Oh my, your photos are making me hungry!! Those cocktails look so fun and yummy! I rarely go out with my Husband to places like this, there just aren’t any near us so driving 45 minutes in to the downtown core to go to one is a bit much but it does look so fun!

  11. That mango cocktail looks and sounds delicious!!! I would have chosen that too, and probably the nachos (I do love nachos!). I’d be interested to see what else is on the menu – shame the restaurant isn’t closer! x

  12. My dream is to visit England for the beautiful landscape and to finally try fish and chips. I love trying local foods. I never thought I’d say this but the cauliflower dish is looking pretty good right now!

  13. Fun times! Thanks for the good read. The food is mouthwatering. It’s just so different from what I am used to seeing around.

  14. We’re going to Norton next month for a few weeks. My husband has to work around there so I’ll make sure I stop by here. I’m going for the mangoe 👌🏾👌🏾

  15. I love comfort foods that are prepared well and this looks great. I don’t drink so the cocktails won’t be for me but the food I’d love.

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