Time to join the gym & fat club!

I have tried many diets and failed.

You name it, I will have have tried it.

Juice diets, skipping meals, cabbage soups and shakes. None of these were ever suitable for me. I always lacked motivation to carry on with them.  I’d always end up gaining as it made me miserable aswell as eat everything in sight. I never really taught myself or educated myself around food and always went for a quick fix – Thats not the way it works. If it was easy to lose a stone over night everyone would be doing it. Quick fixes don’t last…

Like most people after the new year I decided upon my goals for the next 12 months and one of them was to get fit and healthy.

In the back of my mind I would love to say this time next year I’ve lost minimum of 5 stone. I’d love to be able to book and go on holiday without worry. I would love to go shopping in the normal sector and enjoy trying things on. I would love to take part in charity events including sponsored walks without the fear I will end up in ambulance.

I looked around at local weight loss classes and found a local slimming world class.

I had previously done this on many occasions but always lost motivation or never took it seriously. I knew at this point I would need to do this for me but for my health before I dig myself a early grave all because I wanted that chocolate.
I turned up outside the venue of where my local class was about to start. I was so anxious and had overcome of fear inside. I kept thinking what if Im too heavy and I break the scale, what if I’m the biggest in the room and what if they judge me but I was far from wrong.

I took the plunge and stepped through the door. I faced the scales and was welcomed with open arms. In the body image therapy I knew I wasn’t alone. Everyone was here for the same reason. I left the class excited as to what was to come in the next few weeks. 

Taking the step into the gym

I have always enjoyed the gym but since letting myself slip it had become a distant memory and I had avoided using my membership for the last few months. 

Being overweight, there is always the fear that you will be the biggest. That everyone will be judge, point and laugh at you.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I text one of my friends whom had rejoined and we agreed to go together helping each other. I finally faced my fears and I walked through the door.

Not one person was looking at me. Not one. Everyone was too busy posing in the mirror or focusing on their workouts to look at others around them. The only one concerned with how I looked was me. Everyone was here for the same reason, and it wasn’t to upset others or newbies.
I was the biggest in the gym and no one cares. Once I realised that and I stopped allowing my embarrassment to be an excuse for not working out, I really started to enjoy my first workout. I am already looking forward to going back tomorrow and making the most of annual leave.

Read about my previous post about why I started this journey here

Have you joined a gym? Or thinking about it? Perhaps you’ve started a diet? Share in the comments

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  1. Good luck for your goal for 2017. When I was slightly overweight, I tried many diet plan and pushed myself to do workout. But always failed. Then when I change the way I think, and just be happy to be me, the magic came… I lost 12 kg :p Make sure you dont push yourself too hard and make yourself too stress on your goal.

    1. Thank you so much. I totally can relate to this. I have in the past put far too much pressure on myself which has resulted in going backwards. Well done on your loss. Any tips you’d like to share?

  2. Great post! Reading your story is inspiring me to stay committed and also write my own blog.

    I had a wobble yesterday afternoon and almost caved for the chocolate – articles like this just give you that little bit of encouragement needed to carry on.

    Good luck in Slimming World this week!


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