Smart-wear for tracking your progress

I think it’s fair to say that this is the year we’re going to see smart-wear become more mainstream, especially with the new releases of the Apple watch and the new Fitbit…

Losing weight is hard work.

Like many others, I committed myself to shedding fat and losing 5 stone in 2017.  I looked to technology for help along during this journey. 

For me, it was the combination of fitness tracking with smartphone interaction that had me interested in getting a Fitbit device to kick start my walking. I had a look over the Fitbit trackers and finally decided on the one I wanted.

I went for the Surge!

I went for the Fitbit surge over the others due to the GPS feature alone. It comes in three colours but I chose the black as less noticeable when gets little dirty. You can buy one for great prices on amazon here

My target is minimum of 8,000 steps per day.

 Every Positive change in your life begins with a clear decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something…

Main features:

It has continuous, wrist based heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, notifications from your smartphone (allowing you to see who’s calling and incoming messages, music control ,  digital compass, altimeter,  light sensor and vibration motor. These are only some of the features….


A Bonus is that the Surge is water resistant and although that does mean you can’t take it swimming but will help at them times your sweaty or out in the rain. 

Going forward…

This tracker will help me going forward to monitor and keep a record of my steps and miles I do over the next coming months. I am going to par-take in some challenges with friends. If you would like to join in with some challenges over the next few months then join my Facebook group here or search nattsjourney for further details

I hope that investing in this Fitbit, it will get me outdoors more. I will be able to track my progress and hopefully it will contribute and help with my weight loss. 

I would highly recommend the Surge.

If you’ve got a different tracker or Smart-wear, then comment with your own recommendation. If you’ve got a surge then let me know. 

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  1. Great post. I’m thinking of getting a Fitbit and was undecided which one but after this going to go with surge. Lovely post. Keep it up xx

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