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I recently upgraded to a DSLR camera from bridge Coolpix which I had love, love, loved.  My pictures captured of the Supermoon were taken with my Coolpix and Its fitted me perfectly however it was time to move on. 

I ummed and ahhed about which new camera to buy for a long time and nearly bought a Canon. In the end it came down to the fact that I am planning on buying a new Laptop etc and so I didn’t want to spend a fortune right now on a new camera and lenses.

I don’t think I could recommend an ‘all round’ camera as you need to find something that’s so versatile; meaning it works for photos and filming. I am not camera expert but I thought I would share with you why I proceeded to buy a Nikon D5300 which is a 24.2-megapixel DX-format camera.


The flip screen is awesome for indoor and on the go filming. You can turn the screen to see what your filming if you want to be in the video – perfect for Vlogs! It’s also great for travel photos and lifestyle snaps.


Depending on your needs of a camera and purpose will depend on the lens kit you require. You can always add to this at a later date therefore no need to upgrade the camera body. What’s more there’s quite a good range of lenses, and you can buy an adapter to fit the other lenses – Id recommend to do you’re research first though. I purchased the AF-P 18-55 VR kit which is great for everyday use and I’m planning on adding more to the collection already!

Another bonus is what I was wanting was built in Wi-Fi and GPS features which will allow me to capture and share my adventures immediately. The built in features allow you to connect straight to your smart device so you can share and edit right on the spot!

I am a great believer in the fact that it’s the person using camera that makes a great photo, not the camera although that does help.

So! I decided on this camera and I’m very happy with it, I just need to spend some more time playing around with it.


There’s so many cameras to choose from, especially if you just want a simple camera. So many brands do an easy, lightweight camera with a flip-out screen – there’s this Sony one, this Canon one, this Samsung one, and so many more.

 Has this guide helped you in your quest for the perfect camera? Use the Amazon descriptions and comparisons section to make sure it has everything you need.




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  1. Great tips! Your pictures are amazing! I am looking to by a DSLR camera too and i think Wi Fi and GPS are a must now.

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