30 things to do before I’m 30

So, 30 things to do before I’m 30 –  next year I turn 29. I know right?







Where has time gone?

With the big 30 creeping up, I thought why not make a list of ‘30 things before I am 30’ but why you may ask?

I feel that I have been letting the years pass by without ticking off things that I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to doing or had motivation for.

This year has been one of the most difficult of my life, having been in and out of hospital as well as ill ALOT. If this year has taught me anything its to make the most of NOW. You never know what is around the corner or what the future brings, so enjoy and make the most of every moment. 

More than anything, age thirty is about building momentum in my life and career, setting the stage for many more exciting adventures. 

I am rather excited about this list of 30 things. 


Below is my list, I would love to hear from ANYONE who can help make these things happen.

What with hangovers taking days to recover from,  I need a silver lining to turning 30.

1) Pass my driving test!
2) Take care of my Body…
This isn’t just “go to the gym”; but more along the lines of: start meditating, try out yoga & see if it’s for me, eat healthier, walk more often and so on and so on. Mind, I do want to lose at least 5 stone.
3) Visit alot of new places in the UK
4) Go to a weekend festival
How is it that I’ve never been to a music festival before the age of 30?! I have no idea…
5) Volunteer at a local shelter or charity for the day
6) Take a class at a local college
I love learning and while I may no longer officially be a student, I think there’s plenty to still be gained in schools. Id love to learn how to cook more, or build up my photography skills.
7) Take a spontaneous trip
While I do like to go on trips, it’s usually somewhere that I’ve meticulously planned
8) Give a public talk or presentation
Oh god. Even the thought of this frightens me.
9) Start saving more
10) Complete a 365 day photography project
11) Go 24 hours without technology
Unplug and detox from technology and social media for a day.
12) Start a business
13) Test out being a vegetarian for a month
14) Swim with dolphins
15) Grow my own vegetables 
16) Learn how to play a musical Instrument
17) Take my cooking to the next level
18) Apply to be on TV Show
19) Visit Mexico or USA 
20) Take a risk: Go bungee jumping or skydiving or swim with sharks.
21) Buy some stocks
This is a risk in itself. I need to learn enough to invest some money or have someone else do it for me. No risk, no reward.
22) Stop holding grudges
Past grievances are overrated. I don’t need negativity in your life and definitely don’t need it over something that happened years ago.
23) Learn a new skill or language
24) Eat really expensive food at posh restaurant
25) Do Pay it forward more often
This involves starting a chain of positive events by paying for someone’s coffee or helping them change a flat tire.
26) Make a family tree
27) Go wild camping
28) Apply for a dream job
29) Make a dream board
There is no one on this planet quite like ME, so its time to love and cherish everything about my fabulous self!


Right, I turn 29 in March…. Best get starting. I’ve put it all out there now. Let’s see what happens.

Wish me luck.

Please feel welcome to share your own goals and/or tips below in the comments.


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  1. Ahh! You’re still young. hehehe I’m 40 in just over a couple of years and I am writing a very similar post to this but 40 things to do before 40! Good luck! I hope you get to do everything you want to x

  2. Love this post and your determination to make the most of life! My personal favourite from your list is wild camping but then what would you expect from someone involved with CampingForWomen.com? Seriously though you have got a great attitude and setting out a plan (via your list) to embrace every opportunity to achieve what your heart desires is so wonderful. Best of luck with everything – the world is definitely waiting for you.

  3. I love this post. We should have lists like this for every decade. There are things that we often let slide by if we don’t have them on a list like this. Best of luck to you on your journey!

  4. Have you ever heard of the acronym SMART goals? S-pecific M-easurable A-greed upon R-easlistic T-imely. There is a lot of difference between Start Saving Money and put my entire raise next year into the stock market. The later is a specific and measurable while the former is simply an intention released into the ether. I like the swimming with dolphins, taking a risk, or music festival. Those are all very obtainable but it sounds like you are going to have to start scheduling this list (other than the spontaneous travel) if you want to get done by March. Looks like you are in for a lot of fun.

  5. You are still young and I know you’d be able to accomplish everything you’ve listed. Just love and live every day as it comes. Wish you all the best.

  6. Wow ….You have quite an ambitious list of “to do’s” for before you reach 30… I’m in my forties and though I have done quite a lot of the items you have listed on your list I certainly haven’t been on a talk show yet…Ha Ha . All jokes aside the most important pointer that you made and one I would recommend having left my 30’s behind is the point about taking more care of your body…. It really makes a difference in your 40’s if you look after your diet etc in your 30’s.

  7. Those are great things to do before 30. Good luck on accomplishing them all including the driving. I guess in the U.S. everyone has to drive here early. You can learn the driving though. Just get out somewhere in the open to learn.

  8. I love this idea. I wish I would have done something like this and am planning to for 40. Looks like you have some great stuff planned!

  9. This is an awesome list and I hope you could accomplish everything. I am close to 30 and I believe I should also do the same and track my progress.

  10. I’m 50 and I still need to do a lot of those things on your list. #8 is out for me as I have a fear of public speaking. Even though there are numerous ones I need to do, I have done quite a few as well.

  11. I think having lists like this is so important and SO helpful in getting things done! This list is so full and filled with great ideas. You can do it!

  12. As daunting as that list looks, I can honestly say that nothing is out of reach if you put your mind to it! Don’t just check off everything on this list, but really enjoy te experience of them! I love it!

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